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Hike engineering consultants, having experts in almost all civil engineering disciplines, specializes in the fields of:

Structural Engineering






  • Steel and Concrete Structures.
  • Industrial facilities and Process Buildings.
  • Pipe Racks.
  • Table Top & Elevated Structures.
  • Warehouse (with or without Shell structural system)
  • Prilling Towers & Silos
  • Underground Services for Plants
  • Equipment Foundations.
  • Pile Foundations.
  • Tank Foundations.
  • Compressor and Turbine Foundations (including    dynamic analysis).
  • Elevated and Underground Tanks.
  • High Rise & Residential Buildings.
  • Bill Boards & Sign Boards
  • Steel structures and Transmission towers
  • Rehabilitation & Structurally Strengthen of Structures
  • Investigation & Structurally Strengthen of
  • Building(s) after Natural or other hazards, like fire, earthquake, wind etc.
  • Strengthen of Existing Structurally failed Building(s)
  • Rehabilitation & Strengthen of Old and Historic Buildings
  • Special Geometric Design
  • Large Span Shells
  • Domes, Skylights, Minarets, Chimneys etc.
  • Steel Towers and Masts

Electrical Engineering


        Electrical (Commercial & Industrial) design

        Solar System design.

        HT/LT switchgear quality inspection.

  • Quality assurance of electrical & solar installation work.
  • Electrical Safety inspection and power quality concerns.
  • System maintenance planning.
  • Engineering staff training for electrical design and development work.
  • Cost reduction in utilities in process machines

Public Health Engineering


        Water Supply System (Commercial & Industrial) Design.

        Sewerage System (Commercial & Industrial) Design.

        Strom Water Design.

        Drainage System Design.

  • Design of Industrial Effulgent.


Architecture and Planning


  • Health Care Buildings.
  • Educational Buildings.
  • High-rise Buildings.
  • Industrial Buildings.
  • Low Cost Housing.
  • Residential Communities


Project Management




  • Construction Contract.
  • Full Time/Resident & Top Supervision.
  • Project Identification.
  • Technical and Financial Feasibility Studies.
  • Budgetary Planning.
  • Development of Concept Plans.
  • Design Development.
  • Development of Technical Specifications.
  • Preparation of Bidding Documents.
  • Preparation of Bill of Quantities.
  • Preparation of Estimates of Most Probable Cost.
  • Bidding Stage Services.
  • Contract Administration.
  • Preparation of Project Completion Report



Value & Forensic Engineering


  • Arbitration and Claims.
  • Market value of the Building(s).
  • Value of Building(s) after Natural or other hazards, like fire, earthquake, wind etc.


  • It is difficult to define the exact nature of “Forensic Engineering” so the exact nature may be tailored to the individual needs of each project